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Vanda Focanti - Gallerist & Communication Director 

Vanda Focanti is a multidisciplinary artist and curator. 

Influenced by a cross- cultural upbringing between the U.S. and Italy, with the ever-present influence of Latin American heritage, she is a creative who can find her bearings just about anywhere. 

Vanda spent her formative years honing an artistic practice in Milan, experimenting in multiple disciplines such as painting, theatre and writing, before relocating in 2019 to London. Here, she obtained a degree in Cultural Studies, Art Criticism and Curation (BaCCC) at Central Saint Martins with First Class Honours. In 2022, she kickstarted her curating practice with the exhibitions “Casa X” and “Mundos Paralelos” at the Uk Mexican Arts Society.

Recently, Vanda has moved to Rome where she is working as a gallerist and communications director at E.T. Works while she expands her career as an emerging artist and curator.

Vanda Focanti portrait.jpg
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