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Ennio Tamburi. Writings


Ennio Tamburi. Continuum. in: Ennio Tamburi. Continuum. Catalog of the exhibition at the Chiesa della Consolazione, San Casciano dei Bagni, July 27-August 24, 1991. Electa Editori Umbri, 1991


Ennio Tamburi. Continuum. Collection of studies, thoughts and notes. Artist's Book. Self-printed for the exhibition in the Monumental Hall of the Casanatense Library in Rome in September 2006. Rome, 2006


Ennio Tamburi. The place / The sign. in: Ennio Tamburi. Simple . Complex. Catalog of the exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Palombi editore, Rome, 2012


Ennio Tamburi. The shapes of time. An interview with Ennio Tamburi by Luca Arnaudo, published in Arttribune, 28 March 2018. Reproduced in: Ennio Tamburi. Continuous. Catalog of the exhibition at the Contemporary Art Research Center (CRAC), Taranto December 15, 2018 - February 6, 2019. Andante Books, 2018

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