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ETworks Studio 

ETworks preserves the legacy of the visual artist Ennio Tamburi, one of the leading exponents of  the Italian pictorial abstraction.

ETworks Studio is a new exhibition space opened in 2022 in the heart of the historic and vibrant San Lorenzo district by Vanessa Tamburi with the aim of stimulating dialogue between the now historicized work of Ennio Tamburi and that of contemporary  living artists in full swing that share Tamburi's aesthetic and ethical principles.

ETworks gives access to an open door to the world, with the same elegance and sobriety that binds the works of Ennio Tamburi, ETworks approaches San Lorenzo as an international base, where the works on display reveal a broad and global view of today's contemporary art.


2023 Un Lieve Circoscrivere - Achille Perilli/ Ennio Tamburi, ETworks Studio, Rome  15/06/23 - 22/09/23

2023  Spaziotempo - Antonio Marchetti Lamera/Ennio Tamburi. ETworks Studio, Rome  23/03/23 - 31/05/23

2022  Ennio Tamburi - The sign the place. ETworks Studio, Rome  15/12/22 - 28/02/23

2022  Ennio Tamburi Maps of impossible places.  Palazzo Bisaccioni Jesi 14/10/22 - 29/01/23

2022  An Open Window - Ennio Tamburi/Jiang Zhi/Ma Liuming/Huang Yan, ETworks Studio, Rome 29/09/22 - 23/12/23


ETworks studio - Via dei Marsi 41,  San Lorenzo, Rome /

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