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The sign / The dot

“The dot is absolutely the only link between silence and word” (Kandinsky)


In Ennio Tamburi's watercolors and temperas, the structural organization of the painting serves to regroup homogeneous and organized areas, gathering signs as if they were houses or settlements of an infinite, global city. An idea of ​​regular but not mathematical space. The choice to exhibit the works on paper, without supports or frames, responds to the need not to "close" discourses and pictorial practices: a sort of uninterrupted and, therefore, interminable writing. Lacarbonara


“Very controlled, counted dots: my confusion is concentrated in these dots” The single sign is no longer just a sign but a collection of small and perfect pulsating, living organisms, able to compose themselves according to more or less complex patterns. The dots are arranged on the sheets which from above seem to give life to imaginary topographies, maps or military deployments: rigor and geometry govern the action in order to obtain a balanced image.


Dots are like "nomads" who roam free on wandering shapes, swaying between them. With water that distorts and wrinkles - A system of desires punctuates the story, the passionate dimension - repeating itself different every time - The  memory's archive.

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