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The place/The paper

I lean over a Chinese or Japanese paper, I feel invaded by calm and warmth. Its soft surface is like the mantle of the first snow". (Tanizaki 1935)

The way of paper that comes from the Far East, as a spiritual practice, every gesture, every movement is measured, balanced, simplicity, sense of experience, spontaneity. Light as feathers in the wind, elusive. Paper becomes a place, a field of relationships, an area without margins of sensitivity.E.T.


The numerous polyptychs made with the combination of precious Tibetan, Japanese, Indian and Nepalese handcrafted papers that the artist chose with meticulous attention. In some cases the paper is repainted, in others it is left entirely "natural" so that the support reveals its texture, its body or lightness, creating a counterpoint with the images. 

Paintings like "pages" arranged as a result of a fluid expansion of the pictorial skin, but at the same time characterized by the geometric and rigorous composition of the clusters of points rhythmic on the surface. Lacarbonara

The place/  The field

A space that Tamburi means as a "field", according to multiple declinations. Battlefield, in the first agglomerations of "deployed, compact, ready to strike" dots that equipped the cards of the nineties. Energy, quantum, "pre-dimensional" field in loose sheets and gathered in pairs and polyptychs starting from the 2000s


In this fertile and boundless field that is Tamburi's sky of paper, each work is a wandering, where it is possible to cross without the expectation of a stop or a reading. An almost musical, rhythmic score. Sometimes, the geometric organization inside the painting serves to regroup homogeneous and organized areas, agglomerating signs such as houses or settlements of an infinite, global city.

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